Amazing Traditional Craftsman House Plans

Vintage House Plans Craftsman – Although used as a general term to describe historical periods and designs, ‘vintage’ actually refers to the 1940s and 1950s. Vintage can be described as nostalgic, from an era that most people can remember from childhood or parents / parents. This style is not easily determined because it fits a […]

Country House Plans Front Porch Exterior

House Plans With Wrap Around Porch And Open Floor Plan – Home logging in a variety of styles, many of them regional languages, or definitely into their territory. The power of language develops in certain locations because of the inherent traditions of buildings, materials, climate, and other factors. Studying vernacular architecture can help you determine […]

Bungalow Ultra Modern House Plans

One Story Cottage House Plans – Small cottages are suitable for current economic and climate conditions because they are cheap to build, heat and maintain. In times of dependence and intelligent use of resources in the light of an impressive display and display, the cottage’s lifestyle will increase. Here are some ideas that you can […]

Awesome Simple Farmhouse Designs

4 Bedroom Farmhouse Plans – When deciding what villa you will stay in during your vacation, you may need to have some information about the interior design. In today’s modern interior design, simplicity is the key to efficient design. The theme of contemporary design states that all types of architectural decorations always depend on the […]

Wrap Around Porch House Plans Southern Living

Acadian style house plans with wrap around porch inspired from the Frenchman country house or Craftsman cottage. The Craftsman cottages, a style of home design inspired by the movement of artisan furniture, proliferated in the United States in the early part of the 20th century. Two architects, brothers Charles and Henry Greene, who were based […]

Southern Living Greek Revival Plan

Greek revival farmhouse house plans can encompass everything from a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home to an apartment building with two hundred units. Although residential designs vary widely, there are considerations that must be taken into account, regardless of the size of your project. Location, materials, safety, energy, and pipes are just some of the things that […]

Ultra Modern House Plans

Cottage House Plans With Garage – Incidental planning or no planning at all can make the construction of a log cabin an expensive undertaking. Before building a log cabin, Country Log Cabins says to do some research, put your ideas into a journal, go to a workshop on how-to-build a log cabin, develop a full […]

Vintage House Plans 1900

1800’s Farmhouse Plans – Many people dream of owning a farm and decorating or renewing it. However, really owning and decorating that house is a much more challenging proposition. The high ceilings, large windows and giant spaces that look so inspiring can become cavernous if not properly decorated. Use color, furniture, accessories and creative arrangement […]

Beautiful Acadian House Plans

Almost every style exterior you choose for your Acadian style house plans will have some elements of the open layout. Mostly openness comes with a combination of space to accommodate, cooking, dining, family and social gatherings, playing games and watching TV. Two major advantages of these layouts are flexibility and more spacious living space. Different […]

Amazing Colonial Floor Plans

A farm is a secluded area with at least three walls, usually on the outside of a house near the front yard, but some of the most spectacular courtyards are inside the house, surrounded on all sides. These courtyards provide complete privacy while keeping the outdoors inside. Designing a colonial farmhouse plans around a courtyard […]