How to Put the Clothes Closet Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Closet hangers come in many varieties, from wire hooks to quilted hangers to hangers with plastic clips, but essentially they all work the same way. Putting hangers in a clothes closet is an easy task cleaning enough for anyone to perform. Keep some extra hangers on hand for buying new clothes, and store extra hangers of closet space off the track. Organized hangers are a central part of clean and tidy closets.

Clear out a hanging space in your closet. Push any clothes that are already hanging in the back or front of the closet, depending on where you are going to keep your hangers. Hold the hanger by its base, not your hook. Place the hanger hook on the hanging rod. Keep hangers toward the front of the cabinet if you are going to use them soon, or towards the back of the cabinet if you are not going to use it frequently. Place each hook on the rod with its hook inward. This unifies the look of your wardrobe and makes the hangers easier to recover.

Create stacks of hangers by placing groups of hangers on top of each other. Make sure the hangers face everyone in the same way. Tie the heaps of hangers together with strips of wire, string or string. Place the stack of hangers in the cabinet for storage. Put the hangers-on lower shelves to facilitate access, or keep them on the shelf more difficult to reach for long-term storage.

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