Decorating Ideas for Living Room Shelves

Walmart Wall Shelves

Walmart Wall Shelves

Whether your goal is cozy or contemporary, living room shelves are essential living room furniture. But, decorating them can sometimes seem like a chore. Poorly ordered shelves can print out of a messy space, so taking care when placing items on a shelf is a key to the well-organized living space. By following a few simple steps you can ensure the shelves in your living room are as beautiful as they are functional.

Measure and hang shelves, shelves for books or a place where you would like them. Support all shelves, they anchor to a wall post for additional stability. Hang photos on and around the shelves before adding items to your storage, if applicable.  Place all decorations on the platform and dust the shelves thoroughly. Start stacking books and large items first. The products that should be added to the shelves, from highest to lowest. Add art pieces and smaller collectibles to the shelves, one at a time.

Add the final touches, taking care not to overload the shelves. Most shelves are sturdy, especially shelves made of wood or metal. However, to convert them into shelves walls are often less able to contain excessive weights. When all the items are placed, the shelves of the survey at a distance and from a different angle to evaluate your shelf organization. Take a photograph of the shelves to see them in a completely new way and get a second opinion.

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