6 Tips for Green Cleaning Your Bedroom Closet

Bedroom Closet Design Plans

Bedroom Closet Design Plans

When it comes to the bedroom closet, the mean that cleaning and organizing goes hand in hand. Here are six favorite tips, tricks and time-tested solutions to keep it sound. First, go through the closet once every season. Put clothes to donate. Get an overview of what you have and decide how you want to organize it.

If you find stray socks, stay underwear past their prime or other things that are not suitable for donation, and then set them aside. Second, dust the floor and dust off the shelves. Do this before putting all your stuff back in the bedroom closet organizer ideas. Third, refresh it. Dried lavender purses can make a dull cabinet for a nice one. Fourth, make a green draw with hangers: If you don’t already own them and want to buy some, buy matching sets for all your clothes.

This will help keep things clean, organized and uniform in the wardrobe closet. Choose recycled hangers or make your own by reusing dry cleaning. Fifth, choose eco-friendly dry cleaners. You can also do your own dry cleaning at home. It’s light, green and cheap. And the last, clean regular garments with homemade detergent or other environmentally friendly option. For extra fresh scents, make your own dryer.

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