Tips to Building Mens Closet

Awesome Mens Closet Systems

Awesome Mens Closet Systems

Mens closet is simple and relatively inexpensive. Extra wardrobes are typically built in corners, but they can also be built in existing alcoves, under the stairs, or along any window wall. Building an extra wardrobe does not normally change the structural integrity of the house and therefore does not require building permits or contractors. It is a simple home remodel that anyone can do.


Decide where you want your new men’s closet to be. Measure up the floor space the wardrobe will occupy and remove the carpet or casting from the floor using the utility knife or pry bar. Measure all dimensions of the wardrobe including length, depth and height. The standard minimum depth of a wardrobe of 27 inches. Mark on the floor where the foot and top plate go. When measuring footer, leave a door for either a single or double door. Use a miter saw to cut 2-by-4s as this will ensure a smoother cut. Use or screws, attach headings to the ceiling and footer in the floor. About working over a concrete floor, pre-borehole using a bricked little.

Frame the men’s closet with 2-by-4s. Measure and cut the posts. Screw up posts to the head and foot and reinforce by placing horizontal 2-by-4 boards between the posts approximately half way between the floor and the ceiling. Place each upright 24 inches apart. If you use solid doors, we recommend that you install two posts together on each side of the door for additional strength. For hollow doors this is normally not necessary. Place 2-by-4 posts between the head and top plate to reinforce the door frame.

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