Measurement of the Standard Closet Depth

Walk In Closet Depth

Walk In Closet Depth

The standard closet depth is determined by several factors such as what you will store in the closet. It usually depends on what type of wardrobe you are building, whether it is a bedroom closet, entry cupboard or closet pantry. There are standard depths for clothes cabinets since most require a certain amount of space to pass without rubbing the walls or doors.

Depths of the bedroom closet are 24 inches to provide space for hanging a shirt or a light jacket on a hanger in the closet, which accommodates most of the garments. However, older people or those who hang larger garments such as sports jackets, coats and jackets opt for 28 inches deep, which also allows the storage of shoes under the clothes and storage of shoe boxes, sportswear and Other items in hanging boxes, such as lanterns and books on top of clothes on a shelf over the wardrobe bar.

The dressing room really does not have depth, since it is measured in length and width. However, when determining how large to make the dressing room, factor in the depth of the clothes hanging on the bars of the cabinets, which are normally located against the wall. This depth is still 24 inches or 2 feet. The shelves in the dressing room, on the other hand, are 13.5 and 15 inches deep. This space is taken into account when designing the dressing room. Allow 3 to 4 feet of floor space in front of these shelves and wide enough to store all your items, including clothing.

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