Find Out Ideal Closet Rod Height

Closet Lighting Ideas Rod

Closet Lighting Ideas Rod

Closet rod height – The dressing has become a must in the housing. Where we sought before, only a parental room, room + bathroom or bathroom, we ask today the parental suite, the same configuration with the dressing room and more. The latter is not a simple cupboard with shelves or a cabinet placed against the wall of the room. These times are over, the cabinets have less and less the coast to serve as storage in the rooms.

Storage to fix the doors of the cupboard. These different storage bins placed over the entire height of the closet door prevent the shelves from being overloaded. They can accommodate diapers, towels and baby products in a child’s room. In an adult’s room, they can be used to store handbags or small linen. The trunks and suitcases become real small storage for the closet. Placed on a shelf or above the closet, they can accommodate any seasonal clothing or too large collection of handbags, for example.

Their use allows us to store our things in style, unlike plastic or cardboard boxes, they are downright trendy! Storage modules for accessories. By adding drawers, shelves, but also tie or trousers racks, you will optimize your closet to suit your needs. These numerous closet design possibilities will make it easy to store your clothes on a daily basis.

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