Integrating Framed Art Pictures Into Living Room Art

Bedroom Art Paintings

Bedroom Art Paintings

Living Room Art Р Framed art images can be included in the design of the living room in various ways. Thick and bright prints that catch the eye can function as focal points, with furniture, colors and accents that function to complement the work. On the other hand, landscape paintings can provide interest but can instead be assimilated into the theme scheme and overall design. When it comes to decorating a living room, wall art can really take up space. Here are some tips and ideas for incorporating framed artwork into your living room decor.

Many people choose to design living rooms around prints or a series of works of art. In this case, wall art is the focus of the room, and the entire room is designed around it. If you choose to take this route, look for thick and attractive prints, such as Red Cloud II Tony Saladino. Here, strong colors and geometric shapes in abstract art prints are able to master the room and work well in modern, art deco or contemporary design schemes.

Or you can go with interesting print art with brightly colored advertisements from other eras, such as Parapluie Revel Leonetto Cappiello. In this case, choose a more neutral color scheme for the room and then delete the coordinates of the red and yellow accents to attract overall attention. If you want your printing to function as a focal point, pay attention to its size. However, 24 x 36 framed prints will be more likely to attract attention than 8 x 10 one.

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