Smart Diy Closet System

Thinking of tidy walk in closet design walk in closet design - Crumpled dresses, crumpled shirts, compressed sweaters, shoes piled up, when the business accumulates and the objects become untraceable, the report is without appeal: it is necessary to review its facilities ! These first two steps help to get a clearer idea of how much storage space is needed , what to put on shelves , hang from a rod or put in drawers and translate into linear meters its needs for success. new developments. Thinking of the storage space also makes it possible to identify the missing cupboards. Go through them all: if the entrance has no storage, maybe it's time to install a closet to relieve the cabinets of coats, scarves, hats, shoes ... These can even find their place in a suitable closet , placed in the garage if this access is the one borrowed to enter home. To arrange well its closet, it is to envisage a stable and easy to mount installation which fits perfectly to the room. Determine the functions of each room of his house because it is they who indicate the place of objects. If space is lacking, then all the little nooks you have to invest. However, apart from their adjustable shelves, the vast majority of kits can not be modulated unless, like any self-respecting handyman, you add additional rods and accessories.

Closet Shelves Diy Unit

Diy closet system – To organize your cupboards, it is to optimize the storage spaces. What to start with? What are the proposed solutions? Zoom on tips for smart storage!  Before embarking on the reorganization of your storage, it is necessary, first, to identify its real needs and to take into account his habits. This essential step consists in sorting out your business. You must also take inventory of clothing, objects, and accessories and categorize them (coats, dresses, pants, shirts, T-shirts …).

We must first choose the structure according to the space allocated, then equip it gradually. Modular, it limits the costs. We can then replace the drawers by shelves or tilting wardrobe by a fixed rod, without losing storage volume. There are several possibilities for arranging the interior of the cupboards. One is to make shelves with cleats and planks.

If this solution is economical, it is nonetheless final. There are also kits and rack systems in specialized distribution networks as well as DIY superstores. The kit dressings are usually composed of prefabricated boxes to assemble oneself, shelves, one or two rods and drawers for some. They are available in several sizes and configurations to install directly at the bottom of a closet.

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