How to Make the Closet Cabinets

Corner Closet Storage

Corner Closet Storage

Bed closet cabinets are a fully functional and practical solution for those who enjoy hosting clients. The ability to provide an additional bed at any time can be the difference between someone who feels welcome and having to make backup arrangements. Closet beds can sometimes be unpleasant to look at when stored, but building a closet to surround them can really improve their appearance. The cabinet is attached directly to the wall for added security.

Place two 3/4-by-24-by-45-inch plywood boards on their long, thin sides. He put them parallel to each other approximately 42 inches apart and think of them as the side boards of the closet. Set 1-inch metal L-brackets within the frame, spaced every 8 inches between the side boards and the top board. Mark the positions of the screw holes and drill out. Use the studies finder to mark the studs on the wall where the cabinet will be installed. Place the cabinet where at least one of the side plates is along a stallion.

Position two 3/4-by-21-by-45 1/2 inch plywood boards against the front of the cabinet structure evenly to be the cabinet doors. Establish a three-part magnetic center latch on the top joint of the cab and the inside of the two doors. Mark the fixing holes and drill out. Attach the bolt to the doors and top board using 3/4 inch wood screws.

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