Solutions for the Closet Shoe Organizer

Small Shoe Rack

Small Shoe Rack

Closet Shoe Organizer – Proper cabinet organization can help maximize the available space. So, you can store more items and easily locate the items when necessary. Your clothes closet can be the most difficult of all to organize, as it is accessed daily and contains a wide variety of items. In particular, finding effective storage options for shoes in your closet can be a real challenge, as they come in pairs and vary in size. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your shoes organized so you do not have to deal with a dirty pile on the floor of the closet every morning.

If you live in a small house or apartment where closet space is a scarce commodity, it is possible that the closet in your room is filled to the brim with clothes and accessories, leaving little room for your shoes. A shoe organizer over the door is the ideal choice for your wardrobe because it uses the back of the door, which is usually not used. Door shoe organizers usually contain metal hooks that curve around the top of the door to secure them in place.

Plastic shoe boxes offer another simple way to keep shoes from clogging the floor of your closet. They are the size and shape of the traditional cardboard boxes that the shoes usually come in at the time of purchase, but they are see-through and much more durable. Inside the boxes, the shoes are protected from dust and other debris or from being crushed by other items in your closet. You can stack the boxes on a closet shelf or arrange them in the bottom of the cabinet.

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