Building Linen Closet

Bathroom Linen Closet Design

Bathroom Linen Closet Design

Linen closet to your bathroom or hall can be as simple as building a built-in cabinet. A built-in cabinet is attached directly to the wall, making it more stable and potentially more efficient use of space than a stand-alone cabinet. Built-in cabinets are a great custom solution for issues such as linen storage. When you build your own wardrobe, you will have a space to store your clean sheets and towels out of sight so they will be convenient when you have guests over.


Measure the space where you intend to install the built-in linen closet, using a measuring tape. Take the measurement along the wall to find the width and measure out of the wall to determine how deep to make your cabinet.  Mark the position of the studs lightly on the wall with pencil. Use a circular saw to cut two 1/2-inch hardwoods to the width and depth of your linen closet as defined in step 1. These boards become top and bottom panels for your cabinet. Cut two pieces of 1/2 inch hardwood using the depth and height of the side panel cabinet.

Arrange four boards you just cut into a rectangular shape, sandwiching the side panels between the ends of the upper and lower panels. Drive 1½ inch wooden screws through the top and bottom panels of the side panels to secure the frame. Cut a sheet of 1/2-inch plywood to the total width and height of the linen closet using circular saw. Lay the plywood plate on top of the rectangular frame you just designed to act as the rear panel.

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