Closet Organizer: Magic of The Order!

Closet Kids Organizer

Closet Kids Organizer

Closet organizer – It is wrong to think that a cupboard is always basic, while it can be customizable. Heights of shelves, choice of doors and accessories, ideas are not lacking to create a custom closet. In our smaller and smaller living spaces, the closet must also be clever to gain a few square centimeters. A way to limit the number of furniture and optimize floor space .

Then, set the cupboard to the minimum size found (for example, if the measurements indicate a height 208 cm on one side and 198 cm on the other, starting from the height of 198 cm.) And if the space is complex, it is better to call on a craftsman to avoid unpleasant surprises. Another important point: think about the surrounding details that may interfere with the closet. A socket, a switch, a skirting board or a ventilation opening are all elements to be taken into account for the implementation of the storage.

Far from being basic, closets are now personalized with a large number of accessories to imagine a custom storage. The accessories allow easy use of the closet every day, said the interior designer. For example, a dressing room or a wardrobe, a pull rod can be drawn from the machine towards you.

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