Installing Antique Farmhouse Sink

Beautiful Kitchen Sink

Beautiful Kitchen Sink

Antique farmhouse sink come back in fashion. The old steel ones with the flat bottom, the porcelain type with tiles … you can find them on flea markets and antique shops across the country. This article will give you some tips on installing vintage sinks.


Instructions on how to install Vintage sinks

Take a look at your vintage sink. You may be missing some parts search online and antique restore centers until you have all the necessary hardware Examine existing plumbing. You may need some specialty items to make your plumbing and sink compatible. Calculate if you can change your existing worktop or if you need to install new ones. Most vintage sinks look more authentic surrounded by tiles and grout than Formica or granite.

Set your sink, screw it down and line up the plumbing. You may need to make some changes if you opt for authentic metal pipes. Attach and tighten everything, and turn on the water to look for leaks. Invest in some replica antique hardware to finish your sink. Use a high quality polishing compound to brighten up or sparkle, and your vintage sink is ready to use.

Tips and warnings

Look for sinks at property sales or house remodeling sites for the best chance of securing original hardware. Many old sinks do not drain like modern style due to a completely flat bottom, so be prepared to have to “swoosh” the water towards the drain.

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