DIY Ideas with Wren House Plans for Birds

Simple Birdhouse Plans

Simple Birdhouse Plans

Wren House Plans – Birdhouses make a good addition to any patio. Making your own and then becoming a witness to its use is a satisfying and rewarding experience the whole family can enjoy. Different types of birds require different designs in aviary styles. Wren aviaries are a simple and very effective design.

Measure and cut exterior plywood in the following sections; one 11 inches long (back), three 8 inches long (front and two sides), one 8 1/4 inches long (roof), and a 4 inches long (on the floor). This will leave you with six sections of the Wren house. Take two of the three 8-inch sections and make a 10-degree angle cut on top of each. Drill a 1/4 inch hole 1/2 inch down from the height of the back of the wren in the center. Drill four holes 1/4 inches across the width of the track near each corner. Place each side on the floor so that the bottom of each side is even with the bottom of the floor.

Align the last 8-inch wood cut (the front) to the top of the 10-degree cut angle and mark the excess on the bottom so that the front is level with the bottom of the plant. Measure 5 1/2 inches from the bottom of the front of the house and in the middle of the forehead and make a mark. Place the cover on top of the house and stick it on the back of the house with the outer hinge and the hardware provided. Use a hook to hang in the house of a tree or a dependency or in another place that you want.

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